Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson

Film, TV, Games, Books

DAVE MORRIS is an award winning writer who has been the year’s top-selling author in the UK. His works are diverse, including comic books, novels, literary apps, and interactive dramas for Amazon Echo. In the games industry he has worked as lead designer for Eidos Interactive and Elixir Studios, been a mentor in the American Film Institute’s digital content lab, co-wrote the award-winning industry textbook Game Architecture & Design, and is the creator of a slate of bestselling gamebooks and role-playing games, including the Crystal Maze Adventure Gamebook and Crystal Maze Challenge, the BLOOD SWORD Series and, with Jamie Thomson, FABLED LANDS. Together they have also created the children’s’ series TIMESTORM.

JAMIE THOMSON is the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize for DARK LORD: THE TEENAGE YEARS, which has made the Sunday Times’ Top 100 Modern Children’s Classics Kids of the last ten years and is under option to Buccaneer and Kevin Murphy. Hellfire for Netflix, as a Musical TV drama for an older audience. There are four Dark Lord books in the series – which has been translated into almost a dozen languages – and two in the Wrong Side of The Galaxy series. Jamie has over thirty years’ experience in games, books and audio drama. He co-founded the game development company Black Cactus and has created a series of ground-breaking gamebooks including the FALCON TIME travel adventures and the multiplayer DUEL MASTER series.

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