Steve Garratt

Drama and Comedy Writer

Steve owns and runs an animation studio in Bristol called Studio Giggle and production company Giggle Media.

He is currently developing UNDER THE SOFA with Teidees and Canal Plus, and has three children’s animation shows in development: BELLY BONGO’s (animation – 6-9yrs live action) GO GOATS GO, (a comedy action show -9-12yrs) and FISTPUMP (adventure series about a future sports tournament -9-12yrs).

He is also developing an adult comedy series, THE REAL MAMILS and a dark comedy drama based on the Bonnie and Clyde Story called BOBBY & CAROL. He has recently completed the screenplay GRACELAND, a musical about a female Elvis impersonator set in Wales.

He has written and directed TV spots for CRISIS, GAME and PLAYSTATION and, in theatre Steve has worked at the Key Theatre Peterborough, Notting Hill’s Gate Theatre, and Millfield theatre, Edmonton. Currently he is joint artistic director/ performer for Improvised theatre company Tally Ho Productions in Bristol.

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