Tony Millan

TV, Film

Tony has written ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES, a screenplay about a true, untold story from The First World War, and is developing a True Crime serial: MURDER OF AN UNKNOWN MAN. He has co-written, with Mike Grady, A LIFE IN THE DAY… a film for television about the famous TV comedy producer, Dennis Main Wilson, instrumental in the careers of many of comedy’s most celebrated stars of the 1950’s to 1970’s.

Prior to that, Tony wrote extensively with the late, much missed Mike Walling, Having met as actors, together they went on to write original series such as NOT WITH A BANG, starring Stephen Rea and Ronald Pickup (ITV), A SMALL PROBLEM (BBC), and A PRINCE AMONG MEN (BBC). They contributed episodes to RELATIVE STRANGERS (ITV), VALENTINE PARK (ITV), BIRDS OF A FEATHER (BBC), TROUBLE IN MIND (ITV) and THE BRITTAS EMPIRE (BBC). They also worked on childrens shows such as WHIZZIWIG and WELCOME TO ORTY FOU (both ITV), THERE’S A VIKING IN MY BED (CBBC) and animation series, CHASSEURS DE DRAGONS. Together they wrote a precinct drama series set in Manchester, GIUSEPPE’S.

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